About Us

About Us

Personal and direct contact with our decision-makers is very important to us. We support you in selecting suitable products and designing individual solutions. With our excellent language and cultural knowledge of our core regions, we can mediate for you and optimally represent your needs.

Edin Čaber (Edin Caber)
English, German, Bosnian

Managing Director Finance & Controlling

As a business economist and entrepreneur, I am primarily responsible for figures and compliance at Edo Food. From the very beginning, the goal was already clear:
To combine our common home with our different origins, in a large and very dynamic industry, to serve as the first point of contact for these regions.

“Only those who know the mentality and culture of our countries of origin can mediate optimally and find satisfactory solutions together”.

Dzenan Dzanko
English, German, Bosnian

Managing Director Sales & Procurement

Regions Poland & Ex-Yugoslavia

With over 10 years of experience in sales, I look forward to bringing this experience to EDO FOOD and helping to position EDO FOOD more strongly in the market.

“I see ambition, reliability and long-term honest relationships as the strength of our company.”

Oğuz Yıldız (Oguz Yildiz)
English, German, Turkish, Spanish

Managing Director Sales & Procurement

Iberia regions [Portugal, Spain] &
Eastern Balkans (Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey)

Already from the age of 16, I was allowed to gain my first experiences in the food industry during school holidays and subsequently deepened them with my training in the food industry. With now more than 10 years of experience in the food industry and processing, I know the difficulties and needs of our customers, partners and competitors. With EDO FOOD, we are taking a completely new path in a highly competitive industry.

“The wishes of our customers come first. Direct, fast and individual – that is what distinguishes us.“

Joalina Fust English, German

Quality managements

As the person responsible for quality management, quality assurance and product development, I am intensively involved with our product range. Together with our European partners, we make sure that we meet your quality requirements and that we always integrate new raw materials and developments of new products in our range.

Felix Sudenfeld
English, German

Sales representative

With my many years of experience in the food industry and focus on B2B business, extensive know-how can be presented. Please feel free to make use of my product knowledge, raw material procurement, application of processing technologies in the food industry and support in product development.

Samija Dzanko
English, German


Having studied business administration with a focus on marketing and design and international studies, I am particularly looking forward to successfully taking on the creative part at EDO FOOD and expanding the company’s profile.

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